Let’s talk about Virtual Employee Trends

The labor market has undergone important changes in recent years, mainly due to the virtuality of employment. This process had been developing globally, however, it accelerated as a result of the 2022 pandemic. 

Today teleworking is part of the normal work routine of many people and organizations around the world. According to numbers published by Microsoft, 41% of workers are satisfied with working virtually. 

This way of working has important benefits, such as reduced time for companies, which no longer need to invest resources in directly hiring their employees, which translates into significant savings for organizations. 

For employees, virtual work represents improvements in the quality of life, especially due to the possibility of managing their time, with the advantage of being able to have more space for other aspects of their lives. 

On the other hand, there is talk of the benefits for the environment that more people join virtual work, since it is being observed that it contributes to the reduction of pollution. 

Technology has changed the way we work. We have resources that have transformed the way we meet, create knowledge, share it, and also the way we plan our tasks. There are no geographical borders for work. 

The selection of human resources for organizations has also changed with the technological environment. Nowadays, companies can count on the service of other organizations, specialized in the hiring of virtual personnel. These types of companies play an important role in the current environment, because they have specialized in the training and selection of people around the world, who can occupy work positions in companies from any latitude. Their presence provides security and confidence, both to the company that is looking for the virtual employee, and to the worker who is applying for the job. 

At BPO LATAM we are dedicated to providing your company with dedicated Virtual Employees to perform remotely assigned tasks under your supervision, as well as managed services tailored to your requirements to successfully outsource your business functions and processes, improving your profitability. 

Under this model, we add value and improve the profitability of many companies in various sectors and industries on a global scale. With cost savings of more than 70% and highly trained bilingual professionals, within the American time zone, we are your best option for Virtual Employees and BPO services in Latin America. 

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Source: BPO LATAM Newsroom 

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