Now that remote work is the new normal, you can significantly reduce your labor costs by hiring a dedicated Virtual Employee from BPO LATAM to remotely perform a great number of non-core tasks, working directly for you and under your supervision.

Your Remote Employee will be a bilingual, highly-motivated, college educated individual, with integrity and passion to work, and with the experience and skill-set you require. We will search and select the best talent available to match your requirements.

With no set-up fees nor long term commitments, we encourage you to save time and money hiring our Virtual Assistants.

BPO Latam - Actividades y funciones
BPO Latam - Actividades y funciones


You can focus your time on what matters most and save money by delegating to your Virtual Employee those non-core time-consuming activities such as:

Executive Assistant

(agenda mgmt., emails and phone, travel, admin tasks, online shopping)

Customer Service and Support

(live chat, email response, assist clients, etc)

Sales Assistant

(CRM, research leads, reports, presentations/proposals, calls)

Marketing Assistant

(email marketing, competitor research, update blogs, social media, website attention)

Bookkeeping / Invoicing / Billing

Real Estate Assistant

(paperwork, listing maintenance, email response, ads)

Inventory Management


(web, competition, general info, data mining, lead generation)

Translations / Transcriptions

(content, recordings, scanned or handwritten docs, etc)

Content Writing for Media and E-Commerce

Data Entry

Website Design & Development

Social Media Management

(creating, maintaining and monitoring social media, answer inquiries)

Graphic Design

LATAM or US based Virtual Employee

If you require your VE to be based in the US, you can still take advantage of many of the benefits of having a Virtual Employee. We will search in the US and select your VE, with your required skill-sets for your job.

How we work

Tenemos la capacidad de reclutar y seleccionar a su
Empleado Virtual en cualquier país latinoamericano o en los EE.UU.

Step 1

Understand your requirements

Let us know what skills and level of expertise you need for a particular job or function. We will assist you in the process and will provide a profile questionnaire.

Step 2

Send you a proposal

Based on your requirements, we will send you a proposal with the monthly rate of your Virtual Employee for your prior approval.

Step 3

Recruit the best talent

We will search and preselect the best talent available to match your requirements. Our 23 years of experience gives us a robust database of talented candidates and a rigorous selection process to guarantee a great match.

Step 4

You select your VE

We will submit for your interview and final selection, the two or three best candidates. We will onboard your selected VE.

Step 5

You manage your VE

Your Remote Employee will be working directly for you, under your directions and supervision, just like any of your existing direct employees. We encourage direct and constant communication for better performance. As the formal employeer, we will take care of paying salaries, benefits, payroll taxes, health insurance, and all labor and termination indemnities, in compliance with local Laws.


Our monthly all-in rate for a dedicated Virtual Employee from LATAM, will be less than 30% of your total cost (salary, benefits, taxes, overhead, office, furniture, supplies, internet&phone, tech equipment).

BPO Latam - Tarifa Básica


Only Spanish
from $599

BPO Latam - Tarifa Bilingüe


from $999

Complying with local laws at all times

You can benefit from these low rates, because of the labor cost differential in LATAM. We will pay our local employees a very attractive salary (above labor market) and pay them benefits, burdens and local payroll taxes in compliance with local Law.

Not "Free- lancers"

We will take care of all employer costs and turn over costs.
Unlike other competitors, we do not work with freelancers, which is a cheaper but riskier contracting approach. We provide our VE a formal labor contract and above market remuneration.
The rate will vary depending on the area, level of expertise and skill-sets of the employee. If English language is not required, the savings can be much greater.

Workspaces with technology for the Virtual Employee

Most of our Virtual Employees work from home, but if required, your VE can work from our fully serviced and supervised offices for an additional monthly charge.
Based on your requirements and profile description, we will submit a proposal for your prior approval.
For greater savings and better accountability, we recommend hiring your Virtual Assistant on a dedicated full-time basis of 40 Hrs/week. However, we can also provide Part-Time (20 Hrs/week) Virtual Employees.

No long-term contracts

No long-term Contract and no Set-up Fees.
Unlike other providers of Virtual Assistants, BPO LATAM will not charge an initial fee and will not require a long term contract. Our Contracts are month-to-month, so you can terminate your contract for any reason.
If you are not satisfied with the job quality and performance of your Virtual Employee, we will replace your assistant at no additional cost to you.

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