and accounting

At BPO LATAM we have the technology, the talent and professional best practices to successfully outsource, completely or partially, your non-core processes in the areas of Accounting and Finance.

Accounts payable, Accounts receivables, and Treasury.

Accounting records and Reports.

Audits and special accounts analysis.

Account Reconciliations.

Procurement and
Supply Chain

We support your strategic role in Procurement and Logistics, executing the following processes:

Procurement and Logistics management.

Vendors registry.

Quotation search and analisis.

Contract administration.

Purchasing support.


We assume, totally or partially, your company´s HR functions, with the experienced talent, technology and best practices.

Payroll Process Outsourcing (PPO).

Human Resource Process Outsourcing (HRPO).

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

Marketing and
Customer Service

We have a team of professionals and technology adaptable to your specific needs, to promote your goods and services and attend in a timely and efficient manner your customer’s requirements.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Promoting and sales of goods and services.

eMarketing and social media.

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