Cost Reduction

Ventajas de BPO Latam - Reducción de Costos

Our advantageous labor costs and operational efficiency, allow you to increase your profitability by reducing your organizational cost by up to a significant 70%. The monthly rate of a Virtual Employee from LATAM will be about 30% of the cost of hiring the same position in the U.S.

Talent pool

Ventajas de BPO Latam - Talentos

We will search, recruit and assign to your projects, the best talent available with the skill-set you require for the job. Our pool of talent in all domains is composed of high-performers, bilingual (Spanish-English), college educated individuals with passion to work and integrity.

Candidate selection

Ventajas de BPO Latam - Selección de Candidatos

With the expertise of 23 years in recruiting more than 90,000 candidates, our recruiters undergo an effective screening process with many applicants, to shortlist the best 2 or 3 candidates for your interview and final selection.

Employee Location

Ventajas de BPO Latam - Ubicación de empleado

In addition to cost-saver talent from LATAM, we are able to provide US based talent as well.

Virtual Employees can work from home or, if needed, can work from our fully-serviced and supervised offices with hi-speed internet.

Same Time Zone

Ventajas de BPO Latam - Misma Zona Horaria

Our Remote Employees will work “nearshore” at your same time zone. You will feel like he or she is working in an office next to yours.

Employer Peace of Mind

Ventajas de BPO Latam - Responsabilidad Patronal

We take care as the formal employer of the Virtual Employee, of all onboarding, payroll administration and eventual dismissal, in compliance with local labor laws. We handle all turnover and legal issues. You avoid the risk and burden of hiring someone directly.

No long term commitment

Ventajas de BPO Latam - Sin Compromisos a Largo Plazo

With no set-up costs and no long term contracts required, you are welcome to trial the benefits of having a dedicated Remote Employee


Ventajas de BPO Latam - Experiencia

Experience in the industry since the year 2000 and a high performance team guarantee the reliability of our services.


Ventajas de BPO Latam - Calidad

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