How can a BPO LATAM Virtual Assistant help you?

The pandemic brought with it millions of virtual assistants around the world. They are remote employees who provide administrative support for you and your business, usually on a part-time basis. They can perform tasks that an executive assistant would normally handle, such as scheduling appointments, making phone calls, arranging travel and emails, and other tasks you need to assign to your job. 

You can have a Virtual Employee or an entire remote work team, which helps you release stress and allows you to gain valuable time to manage other functions of a central nature in the organization. This allows you to ensure the successful execution of non-core business processes, at a fraction of current internal costs, to increase the growth and competitiveness of your company. 


BPO LATAM has a talented team of professionals with the experience, integrity and commitment to offer our clients BPO services of the highest quality and value. Our talent pool in LATAM is made up of highly qualified professionals, bilingual (Spanish-English), within the same time zone. 


The advantage of hiring a virtual assistant is that you can focus your time on what is most important and save money by delegating time-consuming non-essential activities to the Virtual Employee, such as: 

  • Executive Assistant
  • Customer service and support
  • Sales Assistant Marketing Assistant
  • Accounting/Invoicing/Invoicing
  • Real Estate Assistant
  • Inventory management
  • Research
  • Translations/Transcriptions
  • Content writing for media and e-commerce
  • Data entry
  • Design and development of websites
  • Management of social networks
  • Graphic design


Tips for hiring a Virtual Employee 


Before making the decision, we recommend writing a clear job description. Indicate specifically the functions that the position implies and what it is like to work with you, management or work style. This requires some serious self-assessment, but it is essential to provide a realistic picture of the job. 


It is very important to build trust. If you keep trying to do everything on your own, you will immediately get stressed. But if you can get someone to help you, it will give you a chance to do other things. For this, it is important to teach your virtual employees the work scheme, which will bring great benefits to the organization. 


How to work with BPO LATAM? 

When you decide to hire a virtual employee, let us know what skills and experience level you need for a particular job or role. We will help you through the process and provide you with a profile questionnaire. Based on your requirements, we will send you a proposal with the monthly rate of your Virtual Employee for your prior approval. 


The Virtual Employee will work directly for the company, under your instructions and supervision, just like any of the existing direct employees. From BPO LATAM we encourage direct and constant communication between the parties for a better performance. 

As a formal employer, we will take care of paying salaries, benefits, payroll taxes, health insurance, and all labor and termination benefits, in accordance with local Venezuelan laws. 


Visit our website to learn about the advantages of hiring BPOLATAM Virtual Assistants and more information about us. Contact us at or call us at +1 (954) 354-9006 


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