Tips to avoid the risks of teleworking

Dangers such as loss of concentration, tiredness or decreased performance are directly related to multitasking and working from home. The good news is that it is in our hands to prevent these negative effects from gaining ground over the positive ones, which, of course, they also have. The UOC professor has drawn up this practical and effective list of tips for this:

  • Plan the work you are going to do.
  • Work in blocks. Allocate a time to each block and do not mix actions. For example, if you are performing a task that requires high attention, avoid all kinds of interruptions for the duration, or for a certain time.
  • Define your “rock” task each day. A “rock” task is one that cannot be moved from the schedule, it is an important activity that makes a difference in the results we intend to achieve.
  • Recognize your chronotype (time of day when you have the most mental energy) and perform the most cognitively demanding tasks adapted to your energy level.
  • The first two hours of the day make the difference in results.
  • Build routines and create new habits for telecommuting.
  • Perform an audit on the management of your time frequently.
  • Create a specific work space in your home following principles of ergonomics and minimalist decoration to avoid interruptions.
  • You can work from home, but you should not live at work: define a schedule and stick to it.
  • Set deadlines for tasks. We know that when we do not define deadlines, tasks expand over time almost infinitely.
  • Develop your ultra-productivity. Being ultra-productive is getting important things done. This connects with the Pareto principle, according to which there are 20% of the tasks that we do that represent 80% of the profit that we obtain. Continue to cultivate networking with the people on your team.
  • Ask for quality feedback to know how you are progressing on the goals set.
  • Learn to telecommute. It is important to train teams in productive teleworking.

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