Do you know what ATS are? The ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

Artificial Intelligence helps recruiters to filter among hundreds of curricular summaries that they can receive, facilitating the selection process. These are the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or Candidate Tracking Systems. 


Do you know what ATS are? The ATS (Applicant Tracking System) , are systems that, based on Artificial Intelligence, help recruiters to filter among hundreds of curricular summaries that they may receive, helping them in the selection process. 


The ATS work on the basis of keywords defined by each company according to the profile of the candidate they are looking for and other established discard mechanisms for selection and recruitment. We can say that they are predictive hiring software that apply certain predetermined criteria automatically, depending on the characteristics of the job. 


They are very useful when companies receive a lot of applications, however good candidates can also be lost in the process. Among them you. 


Your skills and work experience will not always lead you to get the job for which you applied, and in which many people compete. Take note of the advice that we will give you to overcome the filters that ATS use to help recruiters find their candidates. 



3 tips to overcome ATS filters: 


If you are looking to beat the algorithm and make your resume surpass them, we advise you to follow these tips: 

  1. Use keywords in your CV

Related to categories such as skills, experience, results or education. The keywords that you should use can be found by carefully reading the job description. 

You can also adapt terms and phrases found in the wording of the job offer, using the same language mentioned in the job offer for which you want to apply. 

If you can’t locate much information in the job description to help you determine the keywords, we suggest you visit the company’s website and try to locate there important aspects of the position for which you are applying. 

It is also suggested to review job descriptions from other organizations, to determine keywords that are being used for the position or area in which you want to apply. 

According to this advice, it is important that you can customize your CV according to the offer to which you are applying, in addition to the market in general, reviewing the description and including keywords. 


  1. Include your achievements with quantifiable results

As an example, name the computer programs you use, instead of mentioning that you have experience in data analysis. Recruiters advise focusing on achievements through concrete examples, avoiding a simple list of responsibilities. Instead of saying, “Responsible for overseeing sales strategy. Sales increased significantly,” it’s better to say, “I led a 10-person team tasked with overseeing sales strategy. Sales increased 20% in six months “, says Hong Qu, director of research and academic at Stanford University for BBC Mundo. 

Do not forget to include in your resume those attributes that distinguish you from the rest of the candidates. You can organize them according to your previous jobs, for which it is important that you indicate the dates of each of them, since this is one of the attributes that ATS also use to filter the information. 


  1. Use a simple format in your CV

This is essential for it to be decipherable by the ATS and is one of the main reasons why resumes can fail the filter of the recruitment process. We advise you to opt for a simple format, which is readable by the system, Word or PDF format is usually recommended. 

The less outlined and well-structured your resume is, the more chances you have of passing the automatic pre-selection. Avoid a two-column presentation and the use of many images. Place simplicity over creativity in the first place when presenting information. 

Use conventional titles to divide the information. Choose the traditional way, such as “Work Experience” or “Education.” And always write work experience in reverse chronological order. 


According to the study “Hidden Workers: Unused Talent”, developed at the Harvard Business School, ATS algorithms leave millions of workers out of the recruitment process, some of whom might be suitable. 


“For example, there are cases of hospitals in the US where an algorithm searched for the applicant to have the ability to do “computer programming,” when in fact, the job description required the practitioner to enter a patient’s data into the computer” (Hidden Workers: Untapped Talent,” Harvard Business School). 


For these reasons we suggest always reviewing the curriculum taking these tips into consideration. Perhaps with some good adjustments to your resume, new possibilities will open up. 



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